Papa’s Donuteria

Papa’s donuteria is a simulation game. Louis’s father came back with a brand-new restaurant. You will work in Powder Shop Town and then make doughnuts to give crazy customers the best taste experience.

Papa’s donuteria’s game content

You will become the owner of Papa’s donuteria store, making doughnuts for customers coming and going. Choose the role you like and then open for a day. There will be many guests operating in the amusement park, so you need to make doughnuts according to the needs of the guests. If it is well making, it will be appreciated and tipped by the guests. If it is not doing well, the guests will become unhappy. If you come to many guests at one time, your situation will become hectic. Moreover, if the customers are kept waiting too long, they will be criticized.

Papa’s donuteria’s game features

In Papa’s donuteria, every day you complete your business, you summarize your work results.  Secondly, you can also play a series of small games to relax, such as a three-person race car.  Furthermore, after you successfully open your business every day, you can unlock new donut ingredients, which can better cater to the taste orientation of guests and thus become more popular. The guest will score every link you make and finally make good or bad comments on you.

If you want to experience a simulated game online, you can choose Papa’s donuteria;You will be able to help Louis’s father to work in various positions, feel the difficulty of serving others, and make different food for different guests. Only if you do it well, can you be liked by the guests?

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